Prestolite makes rubber insulated Hook-up & Lead Wire in EPDM, High-temp Prestosil®, or Hypalon*  compounds for superior flexibility and durability under a variety of conditions.  See theProduct Data Sheetfor a detailed selection.

Hook-up & Lead Wire: Rubber Insulated is a high temperature appliance wire used for motor leads and internal wiring of appliances for a variety of temperature requirements and UL Style ratings.  Also suitable for lighting fixtures, electrical equipment, transformers, motor, ballasts, solenoids, etc., and for use as test probe leads.

UL Styles
•    3193
•    3280
•    3284, Non VW-1
•    3311
•    3328, VW-1 or Non VW-1
•    3340, Non VW-1
•    3357
•    3374, Non VW-1
•    3484
•    3614, Non VW-1
•    3644

Other UL Styles available from Prestolite

For more information, download the Prestolite Product Data Sheet for Hook-up & Lead Wire: Rubber Insulated High Temperature Appliance Wire(pdf)

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* Registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.

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